RALLY DRESDEN-DAKAR-BANJUL 2016 • The Diary - part I

Day 14: March 11th 2016


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Day 13: March 10th 2016

... offline

Day 12: March 9th 2016

Hi from the first desert-meeting-point! We are in Bir Gandouz, the last fuel station. After all teams arrived here, there are only a few kilometres untill the frontier. This evening, we will have the first outdoor-camp. We will have fun in the biggest sand-box of the world and say good bye to you for a few days, there will be no internet-connection. We will give life-signs when we arrive in Nouakchott, Mauretanie.


After all the bad luck we had, it can only be fun now!


Team-meeting this morning in Dakhla:

Day 11: March 8th 2016

Taking fuel for the Sahara! 135 litre extra spare fuel upon the roof - 70 Euro seems to be a good price!


Shopping for 5 days at the Sahara without "everything"


... sketch of the way to the camping on our driving mirror - made by a policeman


After the machanics work is done, we left our tag at the garages wall. Even the neighbour garage wanted one. Making their wall look nicer


Always with us: the guys of the TV-team MDR at 4


frame repaired! better than nothing ... let's ride!


The real understatement: welding with Ray Ban welding-glasses!


Preparing the undercoat for the Dodge


Quite hard to get the heavy van on top - but enough space for one guy to lay under it ...


... be aware of the cat with the mask ...


Good morning from the garage-street in Dakhla - let the mechanic-games begin again! And: we are not the only ones - lots of teams here for the last preparations before riding into the desert

Day 10: March 7th 2016

1100 Kilometre later, we reached Dakhla. Tomorrow after the usual visit of a garage, we will hit the desert!


Fuel stations are getting rare ... so we start to fill up the cans upon the roof


The visit of the next garage is near: this time, the frame is broken on the right side ...


Hello to the atlantic ocean!


Tarantino? Not here ...


Still cold like northern Germany in during summertime ... but so much space!


Wingman Peter (Team Hilfskraft) is watching us ... By the way, seine Texte ergänzen unser Bild-Tagebuch optimal!


View into the garage of a 16 year old mechanic. He fixed the fixed the diesel recirculation of our wingman Peter today


We had to write the receipt ourselves, because our mechanic is dyslexic ... Why we do need a receipt? Because Shell is paying the bill!


01:00 a.m.: after six hours, the fuel tank is removed, 120 Liter fuel is pumped down and refilled. Testdrive is done and off to bed. Tommorrow we gonna rock 1300 Kilometers to catch the other at the frontier of Mauritania

Thank you to ADAC for paying the hotel bill! Always book ADAC plus!!!

Day 9: March 6th 2016


The repairs are taking their time! and ours! The car frame is fixed but while breaking, the traction destroyed some more. Now the van in in another garage two houses next door. The hose of the servo pump is broken and the oil cooler has got leckage. It looks like we will not get this done, we have to drive throught the night to pick up the lost kilometers and the oil cooler has to be switched later in another garage


surgery at the open heart seems to be successful, the steal seems to be stable ... fixing the leckages and then back onto the road


The main intense of this trip is the common welfare. So we tried to make some children happy today. A backpack for the boy and a puzzle for the girl!


Time for sight-seeing: the actual goal of this leg are the blue stones of Tafraoute, so we are going on a short trip with Wingman Peter to see them


may the fuse-games will begin! repair-time needed: about 4,5 hours


GOOD MORNING! ... me, myself and I! It couldn't be better ...

Day 8: March 5th 2016


Great party at the camping with the WOHNLICHT strobe-lights - thanks to Christin Lensch!

We arrived in Tafraout. After the ride through the Atlas-mountains, the frame is broken at the front, left side. This is the sentance of death!

But tomorrow, we have an appointment with a garage in town ... the frame will be cut, weld and replaced. And all the electrical lines have to be fixed either. We will see, how long this will last ...


Nice to meet some harley collegues! Locals, price of the big machines here maybe 35K


Height: 2100 Metre. Ingenious view!


Slogan of the day, seen on the motorway somewhere between Marrakech and Agadir:


Stress, frustration, too many problems, but then in the morning THIS view! Great start into a new day

Day 7: March 4th 2016


Dear Diary,

the "Check Engine" light went off. Maybe it recognized that we just ignored it ...


We went in town, looking at the markets and all the touristic spots, but without driving, it was boring after a certain time ...


Peacock, bougainvillea, Center Parc Marrakech, great carpenter-work of the table at our collegues van, Louis Vuitton-Vespas and peacock again in full motion ...


this is how the "blue pills" look like in Morocco ...


I never thought of bringing a slogan-shirt to Africa .. Bis this time, it seems to make sense: it is awfully cold and you can't see 50 Metres long because of a strong fog


One day off at Marrakech. No driving, just sight-seeing and relaxing!

Day 6: March 3rd 2016

Welcome to romantic Marrakech!


ATLAS in sight!


Market day! more than a hundred stands along the road already


Bougainvillea plants everywhere


We spent the night in Briyech in a hotel with camping next to a moroccan copy of the famous "Bremer Stadtmusikanten". Seems to be quite cool today.


Morocco here we are! The desert-ship is running. After one alarm-light is expired, the next one is illuminated: "check engine". We try to ignore it!

Day 5: March 2nd 2016

Group shot on board of nearly all rally participants


Meeting at the ferry


... driving over the airfield of Gibraltar airport - that's the main road

No success at the garage - so time for sight-seeing in Gibraltar before the ferry leaves


Bosch-services in spain are really spanish ... We arrived a quarter to nine at the garage, 15 minutes before our appointment. A quarter past nine, they are starting to get the garage ready. After one hour, they are having a look at the van. twenty minutes later, they let is know that the needed material is missing or broken ... so no aircondition in the desert!


08:00 a.m. - We continue! First to the BOSCH-service, then catching the ferry. Africa, we come!

Day 4: March 1rst 2016

10:00 p.m. - We will have a garage-appointment tomorrow morning - maybe the BOSCH-Service can fix the air condition bevor we take the ferry to Morocco!


09:00 p.m. - Looking for food in Tarifa! Here has been carneval untill yesterday. Now they are happy to deal with us: The hotel price is amazing, 30 Euro right in the middle of the town (www.lasmargaritas.info). The food wasn't really good, just the flan looked typically. Town looks great, we have to come back, at the moment, we do only speed-sight-seeing: taking photos out of the car while looking for garages for the monster. But we love the sound of it! Tomorrow, meeting at the ferry will be at 1:30 p.m.! Africa is calling us! Porgy, the Queen, is waiting for us all alone in a hotel in Marrakech


07:00 p.m. - 40 km north of Tarifa near La Casita. Here are the the rallye-members sleeping who will not nees a garage ...


... on the road again! It looks like snow?!

Day 3: February 29th 2016

10:30 p.m. - maybe the sponsor-money is not invested really good. Instead of: "have a look and do everything what has to be done" we are having problems now which should be any problems after everything should have been done which is necessary ... Thia van did run only 800km and did not move for 1 1/2 years. So it would be nearly impossible to have to fill it up with 5 Litre motoroil, 2 Litre heat exchange water, the brakes collapes into ruins and so on ... Quite sad! But we did fix it all now and since then, the oven does miaow like a little cat! We already feel the pain to have to get rid of the car ...


06:30 p.m. - Au revoir les francais! We passed you already but we took your hors-d'oeuvre with us to Spain! Thanks for the great picnic to Sven Poneleit, Daggi Poneleit, Volkmar Masurek and Luna


5:00 p.m. - We reached Valencia! without any problems! even the hated brake seams to be cured. We didn't do anythig about it, we even did not see teh read warnng light "check brakes" at all. The sound got more deep again, maybe the insolation in the exhaust is burning now ...

Day 2: February 28th 2016

Narrow streets in Barcelona!

After 13 hours drive, we reached Barcelona. So we earned some time for a bit of sight-seeing tomorrow morning. Always at our side: "Wingman" Peter from Nuernberg

Figueres: nice view


Castelló d'Empúries, Cataluna, Spain: pitstop at the city where Salvador Dali is born. Having a look at the fort ... but it starts to rain ... so continue to Barcelona

Day 1: February 27th 2016

going on! at the motorway service station Baden-Baden a short check-up: "Merde", the brakes are bleeding again and loosing liquid. Even the cover of the surge tank is broken. Hurrah to the cable tie! We stick to the road. Slogan: less braking!


not really started and the first injuries ...


9:19 a.m. - mexican in the morning will leave out sorrow and trouble


9:00 a.m - Meeting at Burg Hohenstein!


8:30 a.m. - we are starting our way to FRANCE!

Preparation-day: February 26th 2016

... just next to the czech frontier: seams to be a dangerous area, the petrol pump ist safed with sandbags!


Dresden, Semperoper: assembly of the insane!


Gläserne Manufaktur: just a short look how great autocars are built

Arrival-day: February 25th 2016

Hamburg - Dresden! Made the first 500 km without any damage or breakdown! tomorrow we gonna start with photo-session an organizers-party!